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Less than container load (LCL)is a shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard container. Goods in an LCL shipment are either packed in heat treated wooden crates or placed onto heat treated pallets and then secured with industrial stretch wrap, for binding. They are then transported to the port or terminals where they are loaded into a container with several other shipments bound for the same port.


LCL Services Available:

  • Door to Door Service
  • Door to Port or Inland Terminal Service
  • Shipping Terminal to Port or Inland Terminal Service

*Destination delivery services may not be available to some locations.

Shippers are given the option to palletize their own shipments. For more information on palletizing, please read the below information.
To calculate your final palletized volume, You will want to calculate by the longest, widest and highest points of the pallet, in feet (Length x Width x Height). 
pallet measuring 4’ Length x 4’  Wide x 5’ High = 80 Cubic Feet


Basic Guidelines For Palletizing 

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