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Basic Guidelines For Palletizing

Wood Restrictions:
Wood pallets must be heat treated in order to prevent the spread of plant and pest diseases. Some countries will also require an additional fumigation upon importation.     

Before placing the items onto the pallet, place a label on the side of your boxes. You will also want to place two labels on the pallet once the stretch wrap is on the pallet.

Place the following information on the labels: booking and reference numbers (provided by RSS LLC), shipper’s names, addresses and phone numbers both at origin and destination. 


Size & Weight:

Pallets exceeding 2,200 lbs. or 70" in height or 119" in length or 80" in width may require prior approval. May also result in additional cost and/or special equipment.


Stacking the Pallet:

Distribute the weight as evenly as possible. Stack boxes and other items as squarely as possible, try not to allow items to hang over the edges. You can place angled fiberboard between cartons and at the top of the pallet to prevent crushing. 



Wrap the pallet in 70-gauge stretch wrap, available at most packing supply stores. Complete a minimum of two bands (tightly) around the pallet bottom to top and top to bottom. If possible, use rayon, polypropylene, nylon, or polyester strapping to secure the items to the pallet.